Peter Schroff and George Hulse 54th Street 1983

We travel the world taking in what it has to offer. Touching, moving, and inspiring each other as we create. Our commitment at Schroff Surfboards has always been to create what is possible. We push the boundaries as far as possible without abandoning pop culture.

You can count on us to challenge and push you to unexplored places and to listen to your experiences while we grow together.

Design and performance that expands the limit is our primary goal. This philosphy is followed by delivering superior quality and attention to detail.

Most of all, it's about a strong emphasis on service to our customers, vendors, and followers.

Whether it's the rails having that "magic feel" or the orange colored spray being the perfect tone, it's all part of the code of honor that drives us and the high standards we hold ourselves to. In the end, it's knowing that our most important asset is our commitment to you.

Peter Schroff


Peter Schroff 1980

Born in Newport Beach, Peter Schroff took up surfing at the age of eleven on a stolen, purple spray-painted Hobie given to his father. This was during the heyday of the Blackie's parking lot scene. Lined with customized Volkswagens from the Newport Beach Volkswagen Association (NBVA), of these surfers belonging to the prestigious Newport Beach Surfing Association (NBSA) included Peter's best friend "The Newport Kid" Lenny Foster, David Nuuhiwa, Owl & Gray Chapman, and 1960s & 1970s wave/tube photographer Scott Price.

It was around this time the short board revolution exploded in Newport. First on the scene was Brad McCall riding a Hobie "Corky Carrol Mini Model."

Amazed by the new possibilities of this style of surfing, Peter knew that the long board days were over. It was shortly after this time Peter began experimenting with his own shapes.

At 14 Peter shaped and glassed his first board on the kitchen table and shortly afterward moved to Maui.


Schroff team-rider Dan Flecky Echo Beach 1983

Heavily inspired by Wayne Lynch, Peter began shaping surfboards in the family home for his school friends under the name "Underdog." After a series of surf trips to Australia to study a phenomenon known as the twin fin, Peter returned with a shaped blank by Mark Richards and spent many years reinventing and eventually perfecting the modern twin fin. It was at this time the Schroff Label was born alongside what is considered to be the genesis of ultra high performance surfing known as "Echo Beach."

This 100 yard stretch of beach from 52nd to 56th street in Newport Beach was the proving ground for surfer and shaper alike. Standout surfers such as Preston Murray, Danny Kwock, Jeff Parker, Dan Flecky, Hugh Johnson, John Gothard, and Mark "Smerk" Mangan rode high performance surfboards created by Peter Schroff, Shawn Stüssy, Geoff McCoy, and Lance Collins. It was during this


Peter Schroff and the IUD

After riding the wave of a succesful surfing brand, Peter chose to pursue his first love: performance art. In the mid-1990s Peter moved from Newport to Downtown Los Angeles.

During that time, he founded design company Superlove. Peter created and launched many successful brand campaigns for surf industry giants such as Quiksilver, Gotcha , O’neil, Ocean Pacific, etc. Recently, Peter returned to shaping and is enjoying success here at home as well as Japan.

When not in the shaping room, traveling, or driving up & down the coast in his camper surfing , Peter can be found at his home in Venice where he stays busy creating large scale projections on buildings, working on design projects, entertaining his Chinese-Crested Dog named "Tencho."